Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chapter 4.

Seattle, WA 

I didn't want him to leave, I begged him to stay. But even with tears overflowing, quivering lips & the urgency in my tone was not enough to make him stay. Nothing, at this point, would make him stay. & while his absence would bring sadness to me, I admired his strength and devotion to his commitment of honoring his country. 
The day of his departure was like any other day in Seattle, except that I'm a California girl and the weather in Seattle was much different but it reflected how I had felt. Abondoned, cold. The thick blanket of fog covering the road ahead of us as if it was foreshadowing an ominous ending to us. It wasn't like any other day; it was a day I'd say goodbye and hope, HOPE id see him again.